LinkedIn updated with Twitter feature ‘Mentions’

link2After Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is the next social network to get new updates and enhancements. A new social chat feature is being added to the otherwise strictly professional network, LinkedIn. Mentions is a conversation feature that made its debut on Twitter and has been around there a while with lots of tweeters enjoying the feature. In the LinkedIn version, members can “mention” a colleague or a friend through connections or company names in a status update box on the home page and those being “mentioned” in the post will receive event notifications. The feature will allow users to strike conversations with connections.

There is a difference in the Mentions on this network however. You can only Mention connections in which you actually know and not people outside your circle since a premium paid version is required for messaging those outside of your connections. The company has lifted this feature off of twitter to increase engagement, a much used word in the world of social networking. The Mention feature was rolled out to foster deeper connections and better communication between members. The rollout is currently only for English speaking members but it will soon be available in different languages.

LinkedIn is a professional network, but still a social network. Users would like to see a few good features from Facebook and Twitter incorporated into LinkedIn. The network seems to be interested in these features as well, trying to bring in as many as it can within the boundaries of its purpose and ideals.


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