LG announces flexiscreen technology coming soon

LG flexible screen

LG has announced that they will release a flexib;e OLED smartphone before 2013 ends. There have been rumours circulating about LG preparing to release its curved OLED televisions later in the year as well as providing flexible screens for other smartphones. The Wall Street Journal reports that the company will actually be producing it’s own flexiphone.

The OLED panel used in the new generation of flexiphones will be LG’s very own design according to LG’s mobile vice president Yoon Bu-hyun, even though the company previously dismissed the idea of using OLED technology in its  phones.

Flexible tech

The release of flexiphones is rumoured to be in the fourth fiscal quarter in 2013, however it’s currently unclear as to what the flexiphone will look like and how it will function realistically so that customers can utilize this technology. There is competition from major rival Samsung to dominate the flexitech market, there have been leaked images of prototypes of Samsung’s flexiphone technology.

Samsung has also given the general public a peak at ‘Youm’ its own vision of a flexible OLED future  at CES this year, so the race is on between LG and Samsung to take the lead in the flexible screen technology market. No details about the device were disclosed, but making a flexible screen and making a flexible smartphone are two entirely different tasks and the outcome will be interesting.

LG’s head of mobile marketing Won Kim said ” Something different and something unique” referring to a device with a flexible screen, the device is penned in for a third fiscal quarter release. We’ve seen the 3D tv trend die down and could flexible screens be a tend that just won’t catch on.

Source – TechRadar