Kickstriker DIY Weaponized Drone Seeks Funding

Update: The Kickstarter site has admitted that this is nothing but a hoax. This can be verified as you click the Pledge icon of the website.


Since time immemorial, everything that humans have come across or have created has been weaponized or converted into a thing that is meant for injuring, killing and damaging properties.

For example, when man learned how to make use of fire for cooking, he also developed a way to use it for warfare until the innovations led to the invention of guns and other stuff that blow or burn things and people up. Among others are viruses that have been designed for biochemical warfare. Then, airplanes that were invented for transport were later equipped with big guns and bombs until they evolved into jet fighters, and so on. Currently, we have weaponized drones that can be flown anywhere in the world to strike any identified terrorist camp.

Now, a Kickstriker project by DIY Drone Labs aims to bring weaponized drones into the hands of every interested party. The drone that they are currently promising to create is called the Panopticopter.

What is the Panopticopter?

The Panopticopter, as the name implies, is a miniature helicopter that is capable of delivering a precision strike to a target. From the information leaked by the developers, the DIY drone will even come with its own version of Hellfire Missiles.

According to the statement of the developers in the Kickstriker site, they are currently seeking a funding of at least $10,000 for the Panopticopter prototype until April 14. Their goal is to make a drone which is more precise as compared to its military counterpart. They claim that the poor precision of military-grade drones have resulted to unnecessary civilian deaths. Thus, with the introduction of their product in the near future, the problem in terms of target accuracy will be solved. Their solution comes with only a fraction of the original cost of the government drones, DIY Drone Labs added. So the $10,000 funding will be enough for them to launch their prototype by August this year.

Based on the statement on the site, the developers consist of three students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) namely: Brandon McCartney, Radric Davis and Natassia Zolot.

The three engineering students claim that they already have the knowledge and experience that are necessary to bring the prototype into a reality. They say that they have been experimenting with that project for the past few years.


As an incentive to the people who will fund the project, the developers are promising to give away the rewards based on the following amount of pledges:

1. $10 or More

The name of the donor will appear on the “thank you” section of the DIY Drone Labs website.

2. $50 or More

Aside from the name appearing in the acknowledgement section of the site, the contributor will also get monthly updates and videos about the progress of the project.

3. $100 or More

In addition to the benefits featured in the previous items, the donor will be able to witness the first flight of the prototype in August through live streaming.

4. $500 or More

A schematic and kit for a DIY drone will be given away plus the benefits shown on the previous items. These things will let the benefactor make his or her own miniature drone that can be used in home surveillance. A technical assistance will be provided as well by the developers during the assembly and programming of the drone.

5. $1,000 or More

This amount will let the sponsor avail all the rewards, plus the fully-assembled drone will already come with special Hellfire Missiles.

Source: Kickstriker

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