Kantar: Android Remains Top Dog in US Smartphone Market, Windows Boosts Tiny Market Share

While other market research firms tend to release their reports of interest once every three months, UK-based Kantar has made it a sort of tradition to break down US smartphone sales once every 30 days.

That usually happens at the end of any given month and, of course, the numbers released show the status quo for the 90-day period leading to the report’s preceding month. Bottom line, as we prepare to welcome the cheerful month of May, let’s take a few seconds and see how the smartphone pie has been shared by the leading operating systems and carriers in January, February and March of 2013.

Kantar smartphone market shares

Unsurprisingly, the OS ranks continue to be led by Android, with a dominant 49.3% share of all smartphone sales in the land of the free. That’s 1.4 points up from the same period of last year, but 1.9% down vs. the three months leading to February 28.

That doesn’t sound like Android’s best result ever, but it’s actually fairly encouraging given Apple’s recent trend. iOS-powered smartphones (aka iPhones) have only accounted for 43.7% of sales from January to March 2013, which is almost 1% down year-on-year.

Apple’s market share has also been down throughout Q1 2013, so that iPhone 5S better come quick or else Android will once again grab more than half of the pie and this time likely keep the market share above the 50% mark.

With such impressive results from Android and iOS, you can imagine there’s not a lot left for the rest of the world, but, believe it or not, Windows Phone is actually on an extremely promising rise. Though still a blip on Google’s radar, Microsoft’s mobile OS has jumped from a 3.7% share in the first three months of 2012 to a much more comfy 5.6% result in Q1 2013. That’s a 1.9% gain and it could well be the beginning of a revolution.

Unfortunately, BlackBerry continues to fall deeper and deeper in the pits of despair, now holding a pitiful 0.9% market share in the US. That’s down from last year’s 2.6%, but it’s not all doom and gloom for BB as chances are the Z10 and Q10 will make themselves noticed a lot more in the following few Kantar reports.

Moving on to the American carrier battle, we have to start by giving credit where credit is due. Verizon remains top dog in the US, with a 37.2% market share (up 1.1 points), while AT&T bizarrely kept its exact share from last year, at 27.9%.

Sprint was the big winner of the year’s first three months, snatching the bronze from T-Mobile with 12.3%, while Magenta is now out of the podium, with 9.5%, down more than three points compared with 2012. Of course, everyone expects the carrier war to be shaken up by T-Mo’s recently introduced “Uncarrier” strategy, with traditional contracts forever ditched. But that’s a discussion for another time.

Right now, let’s hear it for Android and Verizon. Like them or not, they’re the big kahunas and they deserve all of our congrats.

Via [Kantar World Panel]