in , social app launches on iOS finally is a social app which newly launched on the Apple app store this week, this app has finally came to the masses after being in development for two years. isn’t your average messaging service like whatsapp, kik, iMessage or even Facebook chat. is something that is completely unique, this service is available on the web but it does look basic, Android and iOS. So if you don’t have an iPhone or any iOS/ Android device you can’t interact with your friends who have got the app.

This service is sort of like email or SMS because you can send private messages as well as shared group message and also you don’t get a user name you sign in with you email address, well there is the option to chose a nickname. Then the app goes in the opposite direction of emulating email by have a public section where you can post and any user can see it. The service feels just a bit too much like an email client or SMS because of the basic-ness of the messaging side of the service.

You can also receive updates from your friends that also have via text message which could be very useful if you are a proud owner of a pebble watch, which I and the majority of people are not. does have the necessary features to keep up with the major messaging services like the ability to send photos, videos, voice recordings and of course text. There are some new and unique features that I do quite like; for instance your private messages can be access from any web enabled device providing that you authenticate that it’s you of course.

The idea behind is that we should get rid of the many social networking sites in our lives and condense that experience into one. is providing you with the tools that you would normally have on a social network site but you can only share them with people on you contact list, the people who you are the closest too, you can chose which of you contacts can see your posts which will reduce the embarrassment of posting anything a certain someone shouldn’t of seen. basically is a compilation of the best features of a social network that you could want except from instant messaging all put into one place with a user interface that isn’t outstanding but is more than just usable. This service may need a bit more work just because personally I don’t think that the web client should be as basic as it is they should flesh it out with functionality.


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