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Jurassic Heart Lets You Date an Extinct Species

jurassic heart

Ever since the creation of games has gone cheaper, developers have been able to make just about any game that they want. This paved way for revolutionary and unorthodox ideas that have changed the way that the gaming industry works. However, this also sparked the development of weird games like Jurassic Heart.

When I heard of the title, I was expecting something like dinosaurs chasing you as you rescue a damsel in distress, like a cross between Jurassic Park and some romantic love story game.

Well, if you think that a cross of Jurassic Park and romantic game is weird, wait until you play Jurassic Heart which involves dating dinosaur which is by far the weirdest concept that I have ever encountered for a dating game.

Except for playing some installments of the SIMS and Playstation’s Thousand Arms in the past, I have never played anything else that involved dating simulation. Then, I read this game from a CNET article published a couple of days ago that involved the process of dating dinosaur.

When I clicked the link for the game provided by the website, I was taken to the online app of Jurassic Heart. I hit the start button anyway and tried it.

Here is what I think about this game:

1. The Theme

Okay I have been saying the word “weird” repetitively in this article, because I really can’t find the best word that could describe the theme of the game. This is because the theme of the game is about getting infatuated with a dinosaur named Taira, which is a male Tyrannosaurus rex. The other words that I can use to describe the game are mindless and hilarious in some way.

2. The Gameplay

You start the game by putting your name, which will be displayed later on all your dialogue boxes. Regardless of your gender, you will be stuck in the body of a female character. Your mission is to somehow please Taira by motivating him using the right responses to his dialogues and by buying him a ukulele. Then, he confides how he has trouble with his small arms and so on.

There are multiple results that you could get out of your actions or decisions in the game. You can either end up breaking Taira’s heart or you may both end up falling in-love. Either way, I never bothered to find out the ending because I can’t seem to distinguish which is the good ending and the bad ending between the two.

3. The Graphics and Effects

The graphics are presented in an anime-like drawing. The effects are not much. The music is a great way to help you fall asleep though as it is a bit relaxing.


The plot of the game does not make much sense to begin with. I did not enjoy it and closed the browser after about five minutes of playing it. I don’t really get the point why the game was considered for The Pulse Pounding Heart Stopping Dating Sim Jam. Therefore, I don’t really recommend this if you are not into cross-species dating. But if you want something really weird to play, you might as well try it.

Source: CNET

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