Jawbone Joins in on the Health Tech Sector with the Acquistion of BodyMedia

Photo: Ariel Zambelich/Wired

Jawbone announced today that they will be acquiring BodyMedia who create sophistic hardware that track personal health statistics such as heart rate, weight loss ect. The rumors are indicating that the deal for acquiring the company will be worth more than $100 million, the terms have not been released yet whether the acquisition includes talent as well as patents, property both physical as well as intellectual.

What is BodyMedia 

BodyMedia has been a pioneer in wearable health trackers since before the larger companies such as Nike even got wind that adding technology to their wearable products would be a hit. Unlike the multi-national corporations who care more about their profit margins then the health of their customers, BodyMedia has had their technologies registered with the FDA under the category of ‘Class II medical device’ this category in the FDA encompasses all device that have been tested and proven to help you lose weight.

When the acquisition has been completed the total number of patents that Jawbone will have at its disposal is between 200 to 300 both pending and already issued patents. This will alone will be worth the $100 million price tag since the technology has been proven by the FDA that it actually helps you lose weight, unlike products from other companies who only claim to with no real concrete evidence behind their claims.

Acquisitions and Apps

Today is a big day for Jawbone since they’re not only announcing an acquisition but they’re also launching an app for their Up health wristband, this app will allow third parties to bring their services and combine them with the data collected by the wristband. For instance the hardware being the wristband would sync up with an app like RunKeeper and the two services would share data and bring more users to one another.

At the moment the Up app is only available on iOS but it will become a cross platform app very shortly. To entice a wider range of third party developers the company is planning on releasing an open API, so that you aren’t limited by the apps that are on Up’s list when it launches.

Source – VentureBeat