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Is Apple Planning To Launch Its Own Game Controller?

apple game controller

Rumors of Apple coming out with an Apple game controller have not gained momentum yet when Jim Dalrymple of The Loop, a leading expert on all things Apple, slammed down the unconfirmed reports.

TechCrunch earlier reported that a physical game controller from Apple might be in the works, and that it might be introduced during the iPad-centric event that the Cupertino company will have this April. But a few days after such rumors surfaced, Dalrymple gave an emphatic “no” when asked about the Apple game controller.

Given that Dalrymple is the expert on Apple rumors and such, we shall probably take his word as true even if there are no details supporting it.

But still, it’s nice to think about the possibility of seeing an actual game controller from the tech giant. Apple has always been about innovation and elegant designs, so its game controller would probably be an amazing sight to look at.

What Could Have Been

I have nothing against touchscreen computers. I adore my touchscreen smartphone, and I play games on it. But serious gamers actually want to hold a sort of device in their hands to make them feel more in tune with the game.

According to a report on TechCrunch, PocketGamer’s Jon Jordan said that Apple met with some developers in San Francisco to talk about how to make the Apple game controller possible. A meeting room was allegedly even booked to talk about developing the device.

At first, it seems silly to think that Apple will ever get into developing a game controller for its multitude of games. After all, it is quite contented with the efficiency of its touchscreen. Also, the OS X as a gaming platform doesn’t sound right at all. But if you think about it, although Windows has been the prime centric platform of computer games, the iOS has been very successful in running a multitude of games on their iPhones, iPads and iPods.

So if Apple would seek the development of its own game controller, it would surely do it with as much flare and innovation as it did its other devices.

Another thing that fueled the rumors is the patents Apple applied for in the past months. A bulk of these patents pertains to hardware that can be used to make a game controller, so TechCrunch easily concluded that the company has something up its sleeve. Of course, the fact that a majority of apps in the App Store are games also has something to do with it.

Since the launch of the App Store, gaming has been an integral part of the business. That’s why, it’s no wonder that rumors such as this continues to persist. You can find a variety of games in the app store that range from educational to bloodbaths between zombies and humans; and all of these will benefit from an actual game controller.

Simply put, the anticipation has been building up already. The company can push or pull back from developing the Apple game controller, and the interest will still be there.

Sources: Ubergizmo and TechCrunch

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