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Iron Man 3 For Android and iOS Hits Stores on the 25th

The Iron Man 3 for Android and iOS will be launched on April 25, the same day that the movie will debut in IMAX, a report said.

Its developer, mobile game maker Gameloft, released two new promotional videos for Iron Man 3. From the promotional video, one can see how crisp the graphics are, as well as the gorgeous pace of the game. There are also 18 Iron Man armors, so that the gamer can experience the full potential of being the iron-clad superhero.

It’s an action-packed game that plays on the realism of the actual film. The actual game involves billionaire Tony Stark’s mission to fight AIM around the world in this fast-paced, action-packed and endless-runner game.

The promotional videos are quite amazing, and it is obvious that Gameloft worked hard to give us this clear, crisp and high-definition graphics. In the game, Tony Stark’s superhero character has to collect items and dodge obstacles too aside from beating enemies.

Download for Free

For now, Iron Man 3 for Android and iOS is free for download. However, you might have to shell out in-game money and actual dollars for armors, hardware and other accessories. Surely, you wouldn’t want Iron Man not to look cool and weak, right?

The armors and iron suits are upgradable, which means that we might have to let go of some of our hard-earned in-game cash and actual money in order to fully appreciate the dynamics of the game.

The version for both Android and iOS is slated for an April 25 release. However, Android users should not get their hopes up that much since there have been incidences in the past wherein the Android version has to take a back seat. But that being said, there is surely no harm in keeping our fingers crossed that the Iron Man 3 for Android will debut on the same day as the iOS version.

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