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iPhone iMessage Bug That Appears Randomly Cuts Messages

iphone imessage bug

New phrases that trigger the iPhone iMessage bug have been discovered just recently. The bug apparently cuts messages which render them incomprehensible to the receiver and the sender. According to the report from our source, the word does not get deleted. Instead, it only becomes invisible on the screen.

The Discovery

The iPhone iMessage bug was featured recently by an author of The Verge when he used some phrases. This led him to believe that the bug is triggered by specific group of words. The source tried to confirm the phenomenon through its own Senior Apple Editor and the same result was displayed by the test.

However, looking back at past Twitter posts, a similar bug was originally discovered by an Apple Support forum member with the name “Mazzlefizz”. The case was attributed to a Mac equipped with OS X Mountain Lion using iMessage for sending texts in iPhone devices. His much later set of posts confirmed that the bug only affects iPhones.

The Phrases

The error was encountered by Mazzlefizz when he was trying to send a message that said “Man, why are you here? Two are in testing places”. He said that the word “places” was missing when the message was sent.

The latest phrases that were found to trigger the bug are “The best price is a surprise” and “I could be the next Obama”. Although the messages appeared to be normal while being composed, each sent one was missing a word.

The bug may probably be random in nature since it does not always happen using the same set of texts on different periods. There are times also when up to two words are missing from a single message. The source states that it is repeatable and may happen any time. The iBug does not seem to affect iPads as well.

Source: ArsTechnica

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