iPhone 5S will feature three different screen sizes!

Rumors are rife about the new iPhone 5S. Among them is the talk of different screen sizes previously circulated about the iPhone 5, but this time sources seem to have struck pay dirt. The highly anticipated smartphone of the year, the 5S may actually come out with a phone that offers users variant models based on screen size. The phone with its different screen models is expected to be out sometime n July this year.

ip2Speculation reveals that the different screen sizes will include a model with a screen smaller than 4 inches possibly a 3.5 inch screen, a model with a 4 inch display and one that exceeds the 4 inch threshold. The reason for the screen size difference is to alter the rate of the 5S to target different income brackets so Apple gets a larger bite out of the “apple”. A one screen for all approach has been evaluated by experts and found to be ineffective in expanding Apple’s user base.

In addition to the different screen sizes, the company might also debut its low cost iPhone to target the mid to high level income bracket. Just how much Apple will offer for a reduced price is something that remains to be seen. The 5S is expected to incorporate a number of design changes and it will be interesting to see these changes across three different 5S models. Busy time for Apple until June-July when the company launches its flagship phone – the iPhone 5S. Apple has declined to comment about the upcoming 5S or the low cost phone the company is rumored to be building.


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