iPhone 5S to have 12MP camera with upgraded low light images

iPhone 5S

Apple has had a two year plan with its smartphones that worked off well in the past, they release a redesign with the next number, and adds the S model a year after to fit the gap for users on two year contracts.

The S model normally has no physical differences, however Apple takes out parts that didn’t work in the previous version, upgrades the internals and announces the phone with a new version of iOS.

However, with the recent negativity against Apple’s future prospects, the company may upgrade almost every aspect of the iPhone 5S, to make the smartphone an active competitor against the HTC One and Galaxy S4.

The iPhone 5S will reportedly come with a 12MP rear camera, 4MP larger than the camera in the iPhone 5. This would be a big change, considering the iPhone 5 still maintains one of the best smartphone cameras.

Apple has made the S model an ideal place to upgrade the camera though. The original iPhone 4 had a 5MP rear shooter, and the iPhone 4S was upgraded to an 8MP. Then the iPhone 5 came the same camera, but with a sapphire lens for clarity and software upgrades.

Image quality in low light conditions will again be improved, even though it is already one of the best in its class. Apple has developed their camera hardware and software to be one of the most commanding features to purchase and iPhone.

We expect Apple will have a lot to say with the iPhone 5S and iOS7, whenever they choose to reveal the two new products. Apple normally holds events in the summer, but may hold out until October to reveal both products.

There have been rumours Jony Ive’s team and the OS X team are both working on iOS7, due to the huge redesign in place. We hope this is the case, because iOS is getting stale.

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