iOS is more engaging than Android

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When it comes to smart phones and the platforms used in them, the market share is not the only metric which is measured or which has to be measured. It is one of the important metrics for sure, but definitely not the only one. There are many others, and one among them is the engagement of the content available on these platforms. For example, if you open up a web site with a few ads on it, you will get those ads on the web site no matter on which device you open the page. But when it comes to mobile apps, this becomes completely related to the platform.

When you are going to put a visual ad inside a mobile app or a web application developed to be opened in smart phones, you will be thinking of customizing those ads to suit the device on which the web app is going to be opened. For example, an iPhone or an Android device. This becomes very important for advertisers. And that is because if you spend millions of dollars for ads optimized for Symbian smart phone, you are going to fail for sure because the market share of the platform is just not profitable.

According to a new report by Opera’s State of Mobile Advertising Report, iOS is leading the way with Androdi behind it. During the first quarter of 2013, Android got a traffic share of 31.26% with a revenue share of 26.72%, and iOS got a traffic share of 44.53% and a revenue share of 49.23%. Android Authority includes more observations:

  • Opera notes that Android tablets are growing to a “small but noticeable share of the market.”
  • Android tablet traffic share is at 1.04%, with revenues at 0.49%. This is a far cry from the iPad’s 6.54% traffic share and 12.60% revenue.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S3 is dominant among Android smartphones, with 11% of Android traffic.
  • Music, video and media are the top sources of impressions and revenue.
  • Targeted campaigns perform better in terms of engagement and revenue.

So when this is the case, advertisers are going to invest more in optimizing their ads for the iOS platform more than Android. But this report definitely does not mean that iOS is better than Android. It only means that iOS users spend more time on looking at ads than Android users.

Source: Android Authority

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