iOS 7 to feature Digital Wallet, Apple’s best app to date!

ios2If sources are true, Apple’s best may not be out yet! According to reports, Apple will reveal its killer app in the upcoming iOS7 in the Worldwide Developers Conference in June. The next version of iOS will feature a fantastic mobile wallet feature offering itself up as a digital wallet users can carry around.

Apple has explored this area a little bit in the Passbook app it introduced in the iOS6.0 version. Passbook is an app that lets users store movie tickets, coupons, airline tickets and other digital retail data that users can present at stores and cafes and at the airport to pay for items.

The app however is not a true digital wallet. The concept of the ‘Digital Wallet’ is to allow users to pay for items directly from their phones without any paper cash or cheque involved. In order to enable this feature in the next Gen iPhones, Apple will need to support the new OS with Near Field Communication hardware something missing in action in Apple products up to this point. Samsung, HTC, Sony and BlackBerry phones support NFC. If sources are to be believed however, Apple’s new phone might work on a technology that will perform as a digital wallet but without NFC! A very interesting development from Apple that consumers will be dying to see!

Android introduced its version of Passbook to rival Apple but there is no true digital wallet app on any platform to date. The world is waiting with baited breath for Apple to come out with the new iOS7 and its show-stopper, Digital Wallet!


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