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Intel 4th Generation Processor “Haswell” Officially Debuts On June 3


Haswell, the Intel 4th generation processor is set to officially make its debut in about 3,337,200,000,000,000 nanoseconds according to a Twitter post of its manufacturer. For short, counting from the exact time of the post, it will be out in the public by June 3 this year.

The event that will house the unveiling will be Computex, which will be held in Taiwan. So just to be clear, since Taiwan is ahead of the U.S. by a few hours, the actual date in Taiwan during the show is 4th of June.

Rumored Features

Rumors have it that the Intel 4th generation processor will be more powerful and more energy-efficient than its predecessors. The enhanced power will enable devices equipped with the processor to run faster and deliver better graphics. CNET stated too that Haswell will be capable of saving up to 41% of power as compared to the current generation models.

With the power-saving feature, users can expect longer battery life and lower bill in the electricity when plugging the computing machine equipped with the product into an outlet. This will come as good news as well for users who keep on complaining about draining the power of their laptops or portable gadgets easily while on the move.

The first batch of Haswell chips that will hit the market will be for quad-core personal computers, laptops and other gadgets. According to the speculations of the source, among the popular laptops that will sport the new chip will be the Chromebook Pixel.

Source: Twitter and CNET

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