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Install Facebook Home on any android phone


On April 4, in a special android event, Facebook announced their facebook home for android phones. Many seemed to like this facebook integration on their phones especially when we see millions of people using it every day. However, when the company made Facebook home official, they announced that it was currently only available for HTC One X, One X+ , Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note II. Although the company announced that facebook home will be available for future devices like HTC One and Samsung Galaxy SIV, the company gave no further information as to when it will be available for other phones in the market.



So, if you were planning to install it on your device, then I am sure you would be disappointed. However, just after the official launch, a xda forum user managed to make it available for all android phones without even having to root the device. We have seen many such mods and tricks come from the xda forums, but this was quite fast.

A senior member in the forum, theos0s managed to mod the facebook home so that it could run on all android phones. The user has made all the required files for the installation available via separate links and has also given a small set of instructions for users to test out his mod.

So, if you are eager to try out the new Facebook home for android and you can’t wait till its official launch for your phone, then go ahead and try out the method given below. However, please remember that these steps given by the user may harm your phone and only if you are willing to take this risk, follow the instructions given below:

  • First uninstall facebook messenger and facebook app for android from your phone. If you have facebook preinstalled on your phone, you may have to access root to uninstall it.
  • Now, download the facebook home and facebook messenger uploaded by the user. Extract the rar file to your phone.
  • Install facebook app (com.facebook.katana), facebook home (com.facebook.home), facebook messenger app (fborca242.apk) on your phone.
  • Now, enable facebook home from the facebook app settings
  • Also, if you face any issues during the installation, reboot into recovery and wipe the Dalvik cache.

The mod is pretty simple and easy to try. Also, it works on rooted as well as unrooted phone and hence we think it is a good way to install facebook phone on your android device. However, remember that the version is not optimized for your phone and hence you should not expect it to be as smooth as it is on HTC First or Galaxy S3.

However, if you are afraid that you may harm your phone in the process, you can wait for some time till it is made available on all phones. Also, you always have the option to buy HTC First, the facebook optimized phone or any other phone which supports facebook home like SIII or the HTC One X+.

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