iMessenger and FaceTime hit by second outage this week

Apple’s two most popular communication services, one chat and one live video chat service have been hit with a second outage in the second week. iMessage is Apple’s chat service and a great alternative to SMS between iPhones, and FaceTime, the company’s Video Calling service are down owing to an outage.

According to Apple, this second outage affects only some users and is not a worldwide phenomenon. The same issue occurred on Tuesday, April 9th which lasted more than five hours. The second hit started around 8.a.m on April 12th and lasted for a shorter duration. The iMessage service is used by over 2 billion users per day to send messages between iOS and OS X platforms. Any outage impacts a huge user base worldwide, but fortunately, the second communication outage affected only a few, according to data by the Cupertino Company. This has nevertheless left users frustrated after a second outage in less than a week which blocked iMessages and Video chatting.

imes2Apple worked fast to get the services back online as soon as possible. iMessenger and FaceTime were back online at 9:47 AM PT, and Apple has adjusted the outage time to 9:07 a.m. The second hit in a span of a few days raises questions about the company’s reliability. Apple’s selling point is its technologically advanced, reliable services when compared to any other mobile platform, but the recent communications failures has left users wondering about other services like Siri and Apple Maps. The company is yet to reveal details about the outages including the cause of both.