IllumiRoom won’t be on show at Xbox event


Sadly, the new project IllumiRoom will not be getting a place at the Xbox event in Redmond, Washington to unveil the Xbox, according to Microsoft Research’s Hrvoje Benko and Brett Jones.

The team is still very much in the prototype stage with IllumiRoom and is continuing to expands its research and find new scenarios to use the augmented reality in video games.

Experiencing IllumiRoom

Currently, the team believes the experience is tailored towards fast paced games, like driving and first person shooters. We could see the developers bring stealth and horror elements into IllumiRoom before the release, however.

The next Xbox is set to feature inbuilt Kinect 2.0, allowing voice commands and you can pay for the movement accessory. The voice commands will be more subtle and can be turned off and on whenever the user wants.

Apparently this is partly due to the amount of consideration the Xbox team has put into natural language and voice commands on the new Xbox console. The company believes the user should not just use the controller to get around the gaming interface.

IllumiRoom’s Drawbacks

From what we know, the IllumiRoom will act as a larger screen with minimal amount of actual concept. The idea is to immerse you in the game, but it will not provide interactivity.

This means you will not be able to press buttons on your wall or, in a stealth situation, notice someone coming down the stairs and hiding before they reach the bottom.

All these aspects of the game should be taken into account – the first Kinect was a sales success but very poor when it came to good games launching with integrated Kinect and having impressive Kinect voice and motion commands.

Hopefully with this next Xbox they will have improved on the usability of the Kinect and make IllumiRoom more than just some wall concept art showing flashes and static background images.

Source: Joystiq