HTC One to get an update which improves Zoe Camera


We all are waiting to get our hands on HTC One, the latest flagship phone from HTC. The device might be the best smartphone developed by the company atleast for now and infact, it is so good that for the first time, people are actually considering to buy it instead of Samsung’s Galaxy S4. However, as we wait to get hands on with the device, the Taiwanese smartphone maker has confirmed to slashgear that they would release an update for the device pretty soon.

htc one

The device was already up for grabs in many countries and we saw it release via at&t and t mobile in the country a few days back. While many of you may still not have the device, we are sure that you would be happy to know that you could update your phone as soon as you get it. The update will first hit European devices and later on will be available internationally. This could mean that it could take a few weeks for HTC Ones in the country to get the update but make sure that you check for updates regularly as you are bound to get one soon.

The update would be a minor one and would improve the camera features as well as tweak your smartphone to perform better. So, if you were expecting to get an android upgrade from 4.1 jellybean, then you will be disappointed.

According to the company, the update make the Zoe camera on your phone even better. Seeing the initial pictures taken by the device, we were quite impressed and if the company says they are going to make it better then we sure are excited to see the improvement. Further, it would also improve system performance and stability and would make the device much faster.

The changes brought about by the update are as given below:

• Improvement to sound capture with Zoe

• Noise reduction in slow motion movie capture

• Improved color reproduction and dynamic range (reduced over-exposure in non-HDR images) in certain conditions

• Fix to display correct ISO in EXIF information when ISO settings are manually changed by the user

• Improved system performance and stability

We are sure that the consumers would be happy that the company is releasing such updates within few weeks of its international availability. But we would have to wait and watch for a few more days until we get the actual update to comment on the improvements.

Also, you may note that the availability of the unlocked version of HTC One has been delayed; however you can still grab the device on a contract basis from at&t or T Mobile. You can get it from at&t starting from $199 and from t Mobile for a $99 down payment. But if you are looking for the unlocked version then wait for a few more weeks until it is available in stores.

via SlashGear