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HTC One Developed Edition to be released on April 19th

htc one

HTC announced that it will be manufacturing a special developer edition of its new flagship device, the HTC One. This announcement was made last month, and since then, we have not had any news about when we will be able to buy this awesome smart phone. But I guess we have something now, thanks to the HTC spokesperson who attended the Facebook HTC First announcement event yesterday.

According to this HTC spokesperson, the HTC One Developer Edition will make it to the stores near you and online stores on April 19th, and that is the same day when both AT&T and Sprint will launch their versions of the HTC One for their users. So, what can you expect from the HTC One Developer Edition?

Well, to begin with, the smart phone will not be locked in any way, so you get an unlocked version of the HTC One smart phone with unlocked bootloader as well. So this means that you can pretty much do anything you would like to with this awesome smart phone. And how much will this HTC One Developer Edition cost you? Well, we do not have a definite answer for that, but we are looking at a $649 price tag. This is kind of the usual price tag given that it is a developer edition.

Along with that, the smart phone will also feature a 64 GB built in storage. And the company will be providing all the APIs you will need to start working with the device. And for those of you who are concerned about which color the smart phone will come in, there is no news about this as well. You can expect a black and a white version. And we will get to know more about all these on April 19th, when the smart phone will go live. Till then, get busy saving for your new toy.

Source: Ubergizmo

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