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HTC 608t leaks – A 4.5-Inch HTC First With Quad-Core CPU and No Facebook Home

Despite promising (for the second year in a row) to focus on a smaller number of handhelds than before, HTC is going down the same road as always. You can call it the Samsung road, with the Taiwanese prepping an equally as rich smartphone line as the Koreans’ Galaxy.

The One will remain at the peak of the food chain for several months going forward, but behind it there will be a bunch of mid-rangers battling it for a piece of the pie. You have your Facebook-centric First, a non-FB 4.3-inch M4 (aka 606w), a number of new Desire family members, plus… a mystery 4.5-inch 608t.

In lack of a 608t image, we can only guess the thing will look similar to the 606w.

This last fellow is today making its debut in the rumor rounds, courtesy of a report coming from China. Bits and pieces of the 608t’s spec sheet seem to have been leaked, but of course there’s no way to know if they’re legit until hearing official word from HTC.

For now, we can say they sound trustworthy, putting the 608t basically in the same league as the M4 and First. In some ways, the HTC 608t looks better than those two, rocking a more comfy 4.5-inch panel and allegedly packing a quad-core processor under its hood. In others though, the thing is actually lower-end than its cousins – mostly in the display resolution department (960 x 540 vs. 1,280 x 720).

And we don’t even want to think of the sub-par pixel density resulted from the large, but low-res screen. Oh, well, at least the quad-core CPU sounds promising, though we don’t expect it to be a Snapdragon 600 unit. Instead, it’ll probably be a Snapdragon 400 clocked at 1.4 GHz tops, judging by the accompanying GPU – Adreno 305.

The rear-facing camera is set to be clearly better than the one on the First, packing an 8 MP sensor, while the front shooter should be the same 1.6 MP unit. Other “known” features include 1 gig of RAM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, Beats Audio sound enhancements, as well as the running of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with HTC Sense 5.0.

Naturally, there’s no reason to think this will be in any way a “Facebook Phone”, while for starters the 608t should hit China Mobile in the world’s biggest mobile market in a matter of weeks. There are no details on pricing yet, but be sure to come back to us for updates.

Via [Ameblo] and [Technos Amigos]

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