How To Uninstall Facebook Home From Your Device

So you’ve installed the latest Facebook Home app on your compatible device. The problem is that after using it you may not like it and want your old Facebook back. Facebook has made it easy for people to uninstall the app without losing your chat logs, emails or contacts.

facebook home uninstall

This is actually a two-step procedure. What you will do first is disable the app. Once it is disabled you can then proceed to uninstalling it.

To disable Facebook Home you have to go to the “Home Settings” of your Facebook Home app. This can be done by pressing the Menu button of your device and then pressing the Home Settings button.

The next step is to tap the “Turn off Facebook Home” button to turn off the app. While you won’t see any changes at first it you will notice it the next time you click on the Home button of your device. A message will pop up saying “Complete action using…” Choose the option other than Facebook Home and make sure to place a check mark on “Always”.

Now that the app is completely disabled you will want to completely remove it from your device. Uninstalling Facebook Home is just like uninstalling any other app. Generally, you will want to go to your Application Manager and look for an app named “Home” (not Facebook Home). Click on that app and choose the uninstall option.

For Samsung devices all you have to do is go to the page where your Facebook Home app is located. Press on the Menu button then choose “uninstall”. Click on the Facebook Home app to completely uninstall it from your device.

Uninstalling Facebook Home in your device is as easy as installing it. If you are not comfortable using this new app or just want to revert back to the way you access your favorite social network then the steps above will help you.