How to Set up Twitter’s Connect tab to show mentions on Android and iOS devices only

Twitter’s Connect tab is where you see your interactions with members. Following an update in February, the Connect tab displays a bunch of content including Mentions and retweets. There are those however for whom the mix of tweets, retweets, mentions, and followers can become an overload and clutter up the tab. There is a way to clear up your Connect tab by removing a couple of items like followers and keep only what you would like to see. We give you a brief tutorial on how to change your Connection tab to show only your Mentions and not Followers and retweets on both iOS and Android devices – phones, tablets and phablets.

twee2Step 1: On either mobile operating system navigate to the “Me” tab or your profile on the Twitter app.

Step 2: Once you have opened up your profile on Twitter, Tap on the cog labeled Settings and select “Settings”.

Step 3: On the iOS version of the app, tap on “Connect tab” and select “Mentions Only” on the page that follows. On the Android version of the app however, you will have to scroll down to the Advanced Section and check the box preceding the option for Mention. Save your setting by clicking “OK”.

Once you are back on your Connect tab, you will not see your new tweets, retweets or followers. You will now be privy only to Mentions. If you wish to view retweets and followers, you can go back to the Settings page and undo the changes you just made to include more content on your Connect tab.


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