How to Sell Your Old Samsung Galaxy S3

samsung galaxy s3

Although the release date of the Galaxy S4 remains as one of Samsung’s closely guarded secrets, various tech sites have claimed that it will be out in the latter half of this month. With that news and all the hype that you have been hearing about the new device, you are probably thinking about getting rid of your old Samsung Galaxy S3 so you can upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S4 as soon as it hits the stores near you.

If you are planning on buying the new unit but you do not know what to do with your old smartphone, a wise solution would be to sell it instead of throwing it away. Of course, this will let you earn some cash which will help you cover some of the cost of the new model that you are planning to buy.

Cash In Your Old Gadgets

Where to Sell

One way to do it is to go to a cell phone shop near you that engages in buying and selling used phones. Usually, these are located in the electronics section of the mall or a cell phone merchant near you. Among the known stores that you can visit are Best Buy, RadioShack, EcoATM and CostCo.

Call the number of your local carrier or check the promos it offers as well because you might run into an opportunity that will let you trade-in your Samsung Galaxy S3 over some credits that you can use the same carrier offers the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

Now, if you are too lazy to leave home or you have a good excuse not to go out, create an account in Amazon, eBay or Craiglist and advertise your old smartphone for sale. Make sure that you have a way of receiving the payment of your merchandise like Paypal, Skrill or others that provide the same service. Other sites where you can instantly sell your old unit are BuyMyTronics, Gazelle, Craiglist, BestBuy Trade-In website, Swappa, Cash for Smartphones and others.

Just access the website of your chosen merchant and select the link or icon that it provides which will let you sell your phone. From there, follow the instructions provided on the website that will let the store determine the status of your device like its carrier, model and condition.

You can easily find other sites that will help you sell your old unit through search engines. However, I strongly advise against using unpopular sites that appear to be unreliable because you might end up getting scammed.

Factors that Affect the Smartphone’s Value

The amount that you can get out of your Samsung Galaxy S3 depends on certain factors. The main factor that will affect its price is its functionality. If its system is already full of major glitches or it is already bricked, you will only probably get a little amount from its sale. On the other hand, others will base the price on the warranty of your unit too. So, if the seal or warranty stickers have been broken or removed already due to the unauthorized tinkering of your smartphone, expect a small reduction in its overall value.

Most merchants will definitely rip you off in terms of price if your device has the mentioned conditions. The value is also affected by the appearance of its casing or missing parts. Another element that buyers will consider is the carrier where the gadget is tied up.

Get the Most Out of Your Device

To ensure that you will be able to maximize the amount of cash that you can gain from vending your Samsung Galaxy S3, make sure that you still have its box. Then, all of its parts, peripherals and stickers should still be intact.

If you have rooted your gadget before, return it to its factory settings. However, some buyers may offer you a higher value for a rooted smartphone. So, get to know the buyer’s preference first before you do anything to it.

Despite the differing views of various merchants about rooted devices, an unlocked device will definitely fetch a good price in the market because of its obvious advantages. Thus, unlock your smartphone first before selling it to raise its price.

Lastly, take time to shop around for sites or stores that offer better deals to ensure that you will be able to maximize your earnings. Exercise proper discretion though when you encounter buyers who offer prices that are too good to be true but are asking a lot terms that appear to be questionable in nature to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of fraud.

Source: CNET

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