How to protect your smartphone data

Your phone is now the window to your personality. With millions of users worldwide spending more than half their days on their phones, these devices now own humans, whole and soul. Since we spend so much time and energy on these devices, there is a lot of sensitive personal information on it, things that could devastate us should the phone fall into the wrong hands –photos, internet history, messages, emails and other personal items will be invaded by malicious individuals. We give you a few tips to keep your phone safe and protected from hackers and harmful persons.

pro2Lock your phone screen – Enable a password so that snoopers have to crack your passcode before they can access your digital content. You can set either a numeric passcode or a pattern based code. For security, enable a setting to lock your screen after a few minutes so that unauthorized access is prevented even if you leave the phone unattended for some time. This is the first layer of protection for your phone.

Lost phone tracking apps – Use apps to track stolen or lost phones. Every Smartphone comes with GPS. You can now enable apps to track your phone via GPS so you can trace it through services like Google Latitude. There are also some apps that keep messaging you the phone’s location or secretly snap the thief’s face.

Malware prevention – Keep running virus scans and security checks on your phone. Android devices in particular are susceptible to malware attack. A well known malicious software send messages from your phone and authorizes a service to charge your phone. Run a virus scan often to make sure all suspicious software is caught and destroyed.

Be aware of location sharing apps – Get a good antivirus or malware package to advise you about location sharing apps that you have installed on your phone. You should know what apps can send feedback about your location and to whom. Make sure you are aware of location settings on your phone and turn it off when not required.

Data encryption- Even if a hacker gets past your security code, ensure he or she cannot read your contents by encrypting all your data. This comes with the overhead of having to decrypt the data each time you use it but the effort is well worth it.

SOURCE: New York Times

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