How The OneTab Smartphone App Will Benefit Your Next Travel To Australia

onetab app

If you are planning a trip to South Australia, better download the OneTab smartphone app so that you can enjoy the benefits of safely and securely opening a bar tab without handing over your credit card to the bartender.

The OneTab app is available for the iPhone. No news yet if this will be offered to Android users. But like any of the apps that started from the Apple App Store, I am sure it will only be a matter of time before a version of this app will be available on the Play Store.

Have you ever had an experience wherein you forgot to sign your tab receipt and collect your credit card because of too much partying the other night? Well then, the OneTab smartphone app might be the answer to that. With this app, you can go ahead and enjoy your night out with friends without having to worry about forgetting your credit cards.

Also, because the app can send you receipts of the transactions made under your bar tab, you will be able to review what you paid for the night before when morning finally comes. The app is a win-win situation for both the patron and the bar owner.

There have been some instances where the bartender will open a tab for a patron who does not have enough balance on his/her credit card. This creates such a nuisance when it’s time to pay the bill already.

The OneTab eliminates these instances because it will confirm whether or not you have enough credit limit before generating the code you will show to the bartender. If you are traveling to South Australia (because that’s where it is being tested), it might be best to have this app on your iPhone. Bartenders might not trust you easily when they learned you are not a regular at the bar. They might refuse to open a tab for you because they are still not sure that your credit limit is to be trusted.

When the app generates a code, it will automatically let the bartender know that you have enough credit balance to cover the expenses of the tab. You can also set a limit, so that you don’t overspend. Another feature of this app is that you can approve each purchase made under your tab in real-time.

Once your night is finished, you can simply click the “pay” button, and the app will process the transaction. This way, you were able to enjoy your night out without having to take out your credit card. This is a secure and safe way to travel in a foreign land.

Unfortunately, there is no news yet if the app will be available in the United States. Although the app can be downloaded from the App Store, its 10 merchants are all from South Australia. We will have to wait and see if US-based bars will see the benefit of this app. Maybe they can sign up for the OneTab smartphone app in the future.


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