How did BlackBerry announce the discontinuation of their Music services? Through mass email!

BlackBerry has confirmed that it will be discontinuing its music services from June 2, 2013. The service was a huge hit on BB phones, after the BB Messenger service. BB Music service allows users to store their favorite music tracks on a micro SD card to listen to it later when users are offline. Trial versions were offered in Canada and U.S for up to two months after which users had to subscribe to the premium version at $4.99. The free version works similar to the premium version but offers user’s previews of music tracks only up to 30 seconds.

bb2BlackBerry has dispatched a mass email to all its users stating that April will be the last month that users will be billed for Music Services. Once the service is discontinued, users will not be able to listen to songs since playlists will display them in grey indicating that these services are no longer available for users. Users will be offered the option of Radio for 30 days that allows them to access around 18 million tracks on-demand that ranges from old classics to the latest hits.

BlackBerry has not stated to the media why it intends to shut down a very lucrative service that many users enjoy so much. The service did not work on the scale of Spotify or Apple’s iTunes store but was more inclined towards music lovers customizing their playlists on the phone. With the shutting down of BB Music services, users will have to find a satisfactory replacement for their music needs. Enjoy yourselves till June BB users, Music services will soon disappear from BlackBerry!


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