History of smartphones and why you should buy one

his2There is a great chance that you have already heard the term “smartphone” in this day and age. The title itself describes why this gadget is so valuable, but if you want to understand more about how this device actually works and what it has to offer you, then, you should keep reading. At the end of the article, you will have a clear understanding of the true value of this pocket-gadget that has revolutionized the technological world as we know it today.

A nutshell definition of the smart phone is a mobile phone that apart from making calls and send text messages as any regular phone would do, it has developed more advanced features, such as high-speed data connection provided by Wi-Fi and mobile broadband, along with the ability to edit Office documents, adoption of a wide range of applications and many others.

Let’s trace its roots back in history to see how it all began. Mobile phones have a long history dating back to 1946 with the Bell’s system mobile telephone service. The technology of smart phone developed later in the ’70s when telephony and computing started to be mixed together and in 1994, although the technology was given for sale, the term did not appear until 1997, when the Ericson named its Penelope GS 88 a “Smart Phone”.

Key Features
With this knowledge in store we can go further to find out more about the primary features of smart phones:
The most important one is the Operating System, which makes it possible for the smartphone to run applications. Apple iPhones run on iOS, the BlackBerry smartphones uses the BlackBerry OS and Samsung, as well as HTC and many others run on Google Android. While these are the most used, other operating systems are HP’s web OS and Microsoft Windows Phone.
Another important feature is the access to the Internet. The higher speed that can be accessed by smartphones has grown even more, especially with the rise of 3G, 4G, and LTE. Also many smartphones have WI-Fi access which is free.
Last but not least, smartphones are more practical in what messages are concerned. Apart from syncing personal data and e-mail account directly in its memory, smartphones have the capacity to register multiple email accounts and easily switch between them.

Why purchase a smartphone?
So, if you find yourself spending most of your time on your phone, rather than on your personal computer, maybe it’s time to make a smart choice and substitute your old phone with a smartphone. These days, time is money, and, if used wisely, smartphones can save you lots of precious time.

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