Haswell based MacBooks starting production in May


Tim Cook described the next few months for Apple as “quiet”, but he may not have been talking about product launches, instead he meant new products and innovations Apple is currently working on.

As for the current line of products, the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, it will be business as usual, which normally means annual releases of the products.

Intel Haswell

Apple has maintained a strong relationship with Intel in the Mac range and we always see MacBooks come with the latest version of Intel’s processor.

This time the Intel processor is the Haswell range, the company recently unveiled the chip, coming in many different varieties and available for partners in 2013.

Intel has already started shipping the processors to the many Apple assemblies, where they will be built into the MacBooks. Production is reportedly going to start in May.

Release Date

This would fit well with Apple’s previous dates for redesigned MacBooks. The trend lately at Apple has been making everything “retina” display, with the latest MacBook Pro coming with an extremely powerful display.

We do not believe the MacBook range will go under big transformation and the “hybrid” MacBook is still a year or two off, we suspect. Apple will continue to push the weight down on both MacBooks and make sure they are the highest quality.

The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are starting to become real players in the Windows laptop market, they still don’t touch Windows’ huge advantage in market share, but more people are buying MacBooks year on year.

This is a good reason for the company to continue putting time and effort into making the portable computers. Comparing them to the iPad, it may seem a little slum, but it still brings in big profits for Cupertino.

We expect the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air to be revealed at an event in June, July or possibly September if the company wants to pull it back a little.

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