Hastiness in Apple for releasing it’s new flagship

The much anticipated iPhone 5 is still considered to be a new Apple product whereas rumors has it that Apple has a iPhone which is to be launched pretty soon. The new iPhone is labelled as iPhone 5S as paved away by iPhone 4S after iPhone 4.

The rumors were first taken lightly but after a few analysis through the history of Apple flagship releases, u never can predict Apple. We saw two iPads, iPad 4 and iPad mini launched head to head in October and the releases of iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 in a tight schedule doesn’t anymore require any logic behind not releasing of iPhone 5S that quickly.

app2Reports are from Peter Misek of investment firm Jefferies & Co. that iPhone’s next flagship to be released in June. The claims are as far taken to be right as the sources are much reliable. Another key factor for the quick launch of iPhone 5S as it has reduced its iPhone 5 production from 40 million units to 30 million units creating the manufacturer to be only focused on the production of it’s new model iPhone 5S. It is also not that iPhone 5 has lost its appeal among the iLovers.

If those analysis comes out to be true, then it is our time to sit back and relax and take a good glance at what Apple has in for us. It is also believed to some that the day is 29th of June! Somebody tell Apple that this is not the end of the world.

SOURCE: Expert Reviews

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