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GooPhone i5 iPhone 5 clone review

Goophone-i5We had always known Apple to be the leader in smart phones and the only player to have had such a huge influence on the mobile market. Well, this fact no longer holds true. Certainly, it still has a major market share but unfortunately, the competition from its competitors has hampered its operations to some extent. Even in light of such competition and so many difficulties that Apple has faced over the past few years, it has still managed to keep up. And this was basically done by launching improved and newer versions of their idevices.

Unfortunately, keeping secrets is a big part of today’s business. You must make all the attempts and efforts not to disclose anything related to your business. Well, just before the iPhone 5 was launched, Apple was taken by surprise, when the GooPhone i5, a replica of the actual iPhone 5 was launched just before the release of the actual phone. Although Apple had claimed that it had made some ‘major upgrades’ in the upcoming release, but it was a mere disappointment when their customers got to know that the ‘major changes’ related to a bigger size and apparently, better 4G speeds.

Let’s move on to the basic features of the GooPhone i5:

  • 1 GHz dual-core MT6577 CPU (Well, the same old processor so no upgrade made as far as this is concerned)
  • 1 GB of RAM (We expected something even bigger as per the ‘hype’ created)
  • 4-inch 960 x 540 pixels resolution screen (Well, compared to the other giants in this field, this is not something spectacular)
  • Android 4.0 ICS with iOS 6 skin
  • Dual 8 MP/1.3 MP cameras (The camera results are not as good either)
  • 32 GB of on-board storage
  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and 3G WCDMA 850/2100 MHz support
  • 1,522 mAh battery



Hence, these features are not as impressive as one would have expected.

Well, but let us now look at the design of Goo Phone 5! It has the same sleek design with a better weight and of course, a much lower price! Mostly, such replicas did not produce great results as far the sale is concerned. And the main reason for this was the poor software design. It used to be very slow and very annoying. But, not anymore! The GooPhone i5 is equipped with the “the ultimate Android/iOS mash-up” which mimics the look of Apple’s IOS. So great news for android users. Now they can enjoy the shape of an iPhone 5 and the android software along with it. However, of course there are some negative points about the Goo Phone 5! The display resolution is not as good as one would want it to be! Hence, the camera results are not that good either. But then again, it’s a Chinese Replica so what would you expect?


It is certainly a good buy if you’re looking to get something with good features and in a pretty affordable price! GooPhone i5 may not compete with the quality of the original iPhone 5 but after using it for some time I was forced to appreciate the hard work by the Chinese folks. GooPhone i5 is by no means another cheap Chinese replica; it is something which has raised the standards for the upcoming Chinese replicas!!!


Photo Courtesy: gizchina

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