Google’s Chrome browser on iOS rolls-out wireless printing enhancement

After a recent update that added sharing and history features to Google’s Chrome on the iOS platform, Google has come up with yet another interesting roll out. The latest update allows the browser to print Web Pages through AirPrint or Google Cloud-Print. Google Cloud Print offers the additional option of print-to-PDF through Google Drive.

chr2A minor change in addition to print support is the behavior of the browser in Full Screen mode. When a user scrolls up, the address bad disappears to make for a larger viewing space. When the user scrolls down, the Omnibox reappears. This is especially useful when playing web based games to make space for the graphics and characters in the game.

The major update in the roll-out is focused on the printing option. Chrome’s menu allows users to print using either Google’s Cloud Print or AirPrint. Google has created its own WebKit browser engine called Blink that is used in the browser on iOS devices. Google has added features like account synchronization, tab management and networking accelerators on top of its engine. Other updates in the roll-out include security and bug fixes and improvement to overall performance.

Google’s Chrome is the most widely used browser both on PCs and the in the mobile world, beating the likes of Safari and Opera. It offers a well-organized bookmark and favorite’s structure as well as easily manageable tabbed browsing. Added to these features are the enhancements brought by the iOS update that allows in browser printing with two different options. This along with the history and sharing features makes for a convenient, smooth browsing experience.


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