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Google X Phone Rumored to Launch in August on AT&T

Just yesterday, I wrote on a rumor I picked up somewhere about the rumored Google Phone X.  In the story, it is rumored that the phone, which is Google’s next smartphone project phone made by Motorola (you can read it here), is one step closer to being real after some benchmark test results surfaced in Japan.  Today, there is a new rumor going round, giving more specific details of the phone and something more: possible launch date!

New features

The new rumor goes into detail to expose the juicy details of the X Phone like we have never seen before.  First off, Google X Phone may indeed be bringing new features (besides Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie) to the market.  Some of these features which include an ‘always on listening mode’ that supposedly lets the user issue voice commands to the phone.

Google X Phone

We had read earlier about Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor and it’s ‘always-on voice activation’ feature but we cannot tell for now whether the X Phone will sport Qualcomm’s 800 processor.  Since this is still a rumor, we cannot tell whether this is a new feature that Android 5.0 KLP will come with or it is a phone-specific feature.  The rumor we published yesterday and the various comments by Google’s Larry Page and Eric Schmidt that the X Phone would be a budget phone, it is unlikely that the handset will have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor

Another revolutionary feature that the Google X Phone will have is something called ‘predictive intelligence’ feature.  This feature is rumored to recognize the intentions of the user from when the phone is picked.  Depending on how the handset is held, the phone may launch camera app if held in a certain way or launch the phonebook if the user wishes to make a call.

Regarding the number of colors the X Phone will be available in, it appears that users may actually be able to customize the materials and the colors of their phones.  The available materials include metal, carbon fiber, wood and plastic for the outer casing and users may be able to choose from thousands of colors and color combinations for their phones.  This may actually be further proof that the X Phone may come in 20 or more color options.  There was no word as to whether other hardware features of the phone will be customizable though.

Lastly, another ‘Always connected’ feature will be debuting with the X Phone.  This feature apparently keeps the phone constantly connected to Google’s Chrome browser.  Could this finally be the bridge between Android and Chrome?  We don’t know yet.

Launch date

The latest rumor has it that Google’s X Phone will be launching in the first week of August and it will be available exclusively on AT&T for three months.  This could mean that unlocked version and those of other network may be available starting November this year.  There is no mention of international launch of the X Phone but we can assume that the phone will launch internationally sometime before the holiday season.

It’s still a rumor

Despite all these rumors which seem to align gradually, the X Phone and all its features and specs is still a rumor.  For now, we just have to wait and see if Google will actually launch the X Phone during the 2013 I/O or if it will be coming during the summer.  Whatever the case, I have a feeling we are in for very interesting revelations.


Source: Android Authority

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