Google to make its own Smart watch to rival Apple’s iWatch

sm2Apple, Samsung, Sony and now Google? What do all these Corporations have in common? A lot going by the number of tablets, phones and phablets released one after another by the Big Four. Google has now jumped the bandwagon for smart watches. After Apple’s iWatch, Samsung’s unnamed version, Sony’s already released smart watch; Google is working on a watch that will have similar capabilities to the one being developed by Apple.

Possibly all the attention Apple is getting annoyed Google or each manufacturer tries to outdo the other in every field, whatever the reason; Google has now entered the race against time, literally! With a surfeit of devices in the market, tech pundits are wondering if we really need some more smart devices. Is it really wise for users to stay connected all the time and by every means possible? Google, Apple, Samsung and Sony all seem to think so. Smart is coming into every device under the sun, or under the Big Four in this case!

Apple’s iWatch features curved watch technology. While Samsung is keeping quiet about its budding child, Google seems to have made more headway than either of these two companies in the development of the said watch. There is no news from Google about the subject but rumors continue to spread like fire! An exciting time for those consumers who believe the market still needs more types of smart device with four companies working simultaneously on a watch that will feature capabilities like Facebook updates, message notification, missed call notification and unique features according to each manufacturer. Stay tuned for more news on this front!


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