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Google to appoint Google glass advisors


Google Glass is one of the most innovative technologies developed by Google in this decade and it is sure to be hit among users across the globe. Now, new rumors suggest that Google may have hired 40 Google glass advisors to help the new customers using the device.

google glass advisor


The gadget was officially announced last year and many users had paid $1500 in advance to the company promising them to buy the product once it was released. And now the wait is finally over as Google confirms that glasses will be available to these early purchasers by the end of next month. This would also mean that you would be getting the wearable tech pretty soon if you were one of the lucky 8000 winners who would get the glasses for $1500.

But what about the others? Well, as of now Google has not said anything about the commercial availability of the product but seeing the time frame of the launch and the availability of the gadget to developers we hope to see it in Google stores atleast before the end of the year.

The so called Google glass advisors would be based in New York and San Francisco and would travel to different Google glass events across the country. These advisors would basically help out the customers using these glasses and also solve their doubts through phones. Moreover, they will man the Google stores to be launched by the end of the year so that anyone who visits the store would be able to take the help of these expert advisors. However, we are not yet sure what qualifications these advisors posses but we are pretty sure that Google will train them well to tackle and solve any problems that a glass customer has.

Making the gadget available in May would be favorable to the company as they already have Google I/O scheduled for next month. So it is quite safe to assume that Google Glass would be one of the hot topics in the event. Google I/O would also bring developers close to the gadget so that many applications are developed for the device. Only when the device penetrates the market getting into a number of fields like sports, medicine etc, we can say that the device has been a success in the market.

Well, we don’t have to wait for long and by the end of the year we would get an idea about the success of the gadget in the market.

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