Google to advertise rival services for free

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What is Google trying to do?

Google always has had issues with privacy and anti trust issues in its history. And the situation still continues, at least in the European continent. The company has been working hard to get settle the issue down with the anti trust regulators in Europe, but it is still going on.

Google displays ads on its search results page which for which the company has taken money from the advertisers. And in some way, using these sponsored content, the company is suppressing competition. That is what the European anti trust regulators say. So Google has been working with these regulators to come to a mutual agreement.

What had Google agreed to do about this?

The search engine giant has had to do a lot of adjustments to the work it does in many countries. Some countries will want Google to block certain kinds of content, some want users to get only some kind of information. But with the European anti trust regulators, Google had agreed to clearly differentiate between sponsored content and the rest on its own services.

But for some reason, this is not enough for the European anti trust people. So they asked for more. And it looks like the company has indeed agreed to do more, way too more.

What is Google going to do now?

According to a new report, the company is going to advertise, or give links to other search services on its own pages. This means that whenever Google displays any kind of sponsored content on its own pages, it will have to give links to three other similar search services in places where users will be able to see the links very easily.

This is telling people to go use other services in your product catalogue. If Google has agreed to this, you can imagine how desperate Google is to retain its business in the way that it is in Europe. And just for fun, any guesses what the three links may be. 

Source: Boy Genius Report

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