Google seeks patent on GPS and weather controlled camera

Google's GPS and Weather controlled Camera

Google has filed an application for a new patent with the United States Patent and Trademark office for “Device, System and Method for Image Capture Device using Weather Information”. That is a very fancy name, for what you might think would be a very simple task. But the task itself is very fancy, and impressive, and awesome, all at the same time. What this particular technology does is collect the location information using the GPS module on your smart phone or tablet. Then the app will look for weather conditions in that particular location, and depending on this weather data, the application will auto adjust the preferences or settings provided in the camera app.

The alterations done by this app in the settings of the Camera app will be something that most people do not use, and something that most people do not even know exist. Therefore, these are obviously, the white balance, exposure, ISO, and other settings. Only professionals and people who are too much into photography would tinker with all these settings. But imagine the camera on your smart phone adjust itself on the fly according to the weather conditions of your location. Just open the camera app and point at your subject, the camera will adjust itself and let you take the picture.

Boy, I would like to have that for me. But it is still not known if this technology will make it to Android smart phones in the near future or not, we can only hope that it does. And if Google gets this patent, probably the next Android release will feature this. And the smart phone manufacturers will be allowed to further improvise this thereby bringing even better camera apps to the platform.

Source: Phone Arena

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