Google Play Redesign Coming Soon?

A new look for Google’s online store may be in the works as a photo of its new design was leaked by a YouTube employee. Eileen Rivera posted on her Google+ account a screenshot of a new Google Play interface. The post which appeared only briefly has been taken down which gives us the idea that it isn’t meant to be shown to the public yet.

Based on the leaked image we could distinctly see a dog bowl on the upper right corner of the app. This is a likely reference to “dogfooding” or for internal company usage only. Since it’s still not in its final version then we can expect to see more changes to be done.

The new design looks better than what we are currently using now. There are six options which can be readily chosen from the app home screen making it easier to navigate. The options include apps, movies & tv, books, games, music, and magazines. Google promises that “We’ve changed a few things around here… Google Play has a new design to make it easier to browse and discover new favorites. Enjoy!”

While nothing is official yet we may or may not be seeing an update to Google Play. If however the company were to make an official announcement regarding this then the best time would be on the upcoming Google I/O event. This is going to be held this coming May 15- 17 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Google Play was formerly known as the Android Market and is Google’s online store where people can easily get digital applications as well as electronic products. Anyone who has an Android device can easily download music, magazines, books, movies, television programs, and applications that are published in the platform. Chromebooks and Google Nexus-branded mobile devices are also available for users to purchase at this store.

via androidcentral

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