Google Play Gets A New Look

Google has just announced a new look for Google Play making the previous rumors about a makeover finally official. The new Google Play Store app should be rolling out to Android users living in the US today and it is expected that international users should be able to get it in a few weeks.

The new look is designed to be simple and clean with more focus placed on entertainment content. The images of apps are larger this time making them seem to jump off the screen. This is good news for app developers since it can easily capture the attention of a potential customer who is deciding to purchase an app. It will also feature a much improved recommendation list based on the things that you like.

Probably the most important change in this new version is the way a person makes a purchase. Google explained that people will now be able to buy things from within an app without leaving it. Their app store balance will also be easily viewed when a purchase is made.

Apps have become a big business today as sales of mobile devices have risen. The more devices sold the more people are going to buy apps to install on their device. Reports indicate that in the first quarter of this year alone app purchases topped the $2.2 billion mark. Downloads made from the top four app stores reached 13 billion. This is an 11 percent increase compared to the same quarter last year.

The four major app stores are Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play Store, the Windows Phone Store and BlackBerry World. Among these four it is Google’s Play Store that accounts for the most number of apps being downloaded holding a 51 percent share.

Try to manually search for update and see if the new Google Play is already available for you to download. If not then you may have to wait a couple more weeks before it reaches you.

via officialandroid

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