Google Now available on iOS

Google Now iOS

Google has kept the exclusivity on its new intelligent assistant app, Google Now, on Android for a few months. It has finally released dates for iOS version and it will come within the Google Search app.

Google announced on Monday the plan to end the Android exclusive and bring Now to iOS. This combats rumours Google would no longer be pursuing the iOS platform, to boost Android numbers.

Google Now: Another App War

The move is an interesting one, Google has mocked Apple Maps and Siri and has openly started an operating system and software war against Apple, which it is currently winning in our view.

Apple still has a huge audience with iOS and most all surveys have shown iPhone and iPad users contribute to downloading and purchasing applications and media more than the Android crew.

This means Google Now may get a huge amount of usage on iOS – simply because the big audience on iOS enjoys Google products and has a reputation for downloading products to test and keep.

Apple does seem open to these types of apps hitting the store, they cannot simply block competitors from making good apps, yet. Even though Apple is currently scrapping all ties with Google, Mountain View can easily bring their apps back without the integrated support.

Personal Assistant For The Big Picture

Google is trying to remodel how information is handled but also how information is taken. Google Now is simply a gateway to all of Google’s services.

When you get an email, when you are running late for a meeting, when you get a message from a friend, when you have a new Drive folder update, all of this is done through Google Now on mobile.

Google’s plan is to make sure the assistant works incredibly well, displaying information at the right time.

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