Google hires Behavio: A powerful prediction engine


Apple and Google are busy buying new companies which give them an edge over its competitors. In a similar manner, Google reportedly bought (or hired to be precise) a powerful smartphone prediction company called as Behavio on April 12th. Behavio basically gathers data from a number of sensors of your smartphone to predict how you will behave or react in the future. Having a powerful future predicting tech will surely benefit Google and help them design better products for their customers.



Behavio became famous last year when it managed to bag the $355,000 grant from the Knight foundation in the last year’s SXSW event. The company was working on an open source project known as ‘’FunF” which basically gathers data from your smartphone and makes it available to developers for building their own app based on the data collected.

So what exactly does Behavio work on?

Behavio gathers information from a various sensors in your smart phone. It can use the smartphone’s location, speed, contacts, phone activity, sounds levels and other devices in the area to predict the future. Then it analyses the gathered information and predicts all sorts of things. It is also said that the tech is so powerful that it can even predict riots and other similar events and can become an effective tool to prevent or study why these events happen.

The partnership with Google will indeed provide a better platform for the company. Happy with the deal, Behavio’s press release stated,

“We are very excited to announce that the Behavio team is now a part of Google! At Behavio, we have always been passionate about helping people better understand the world around them. We believe that our digital experiences should be better connected with the way we experience the world, and we couldn’t be happier to be able to continue building out our vision within Google.”

One thing to remember here is that Google did not buy the company and hence it is not an acquisition. According to TechCrunch, Google hired all the member of the company for working with Google. In short they are hiring Behavio’s services for developing tech within the company.

This would also mean that the famous open soruce project ‘FunF’ will not be a part of Google. But the company said that they would be continuing with the project and would be working on it, outside Google. Not a big deal if they manage to give the same amount of dedication and hard work that they used to give.

The acquisition will also help Google as they are always busy developing new products which are useful to the common public. This tech is something that we are sure will benefit many people and the company can easily use its resources to improve their products like Google Now and built new and better products for their customers.

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