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Google Glass Testing Gets Mixed Reactions In Public Places

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It is just a few days after the Google Glass testing commenced. The Google Glass testing started April 25 when the new products were handed over to a bunch of developers. So far, the developers have found ways to exploit the features of the gadget and even go as far as to root it.

When Tim Stevens of Engadget wore the device on his recent trip to California to attend the X-Prize Visioneering conference, the controversial project of Google didn’t fail to generate mixed reactions from the public.

The Airport Security

Check out this video showing the actual use of the device at the airport:

In the video, it seems here that Stevens has become so accustomed to wearing the Google Glass that he forgot to remove it at the airport scanner. This just shows that many people will find the eye piece convenient to wear. Then, just look at the clarity of the video that it generated.

Stevens said that the airport security were “curious in a friendly manner” of the new gadget. So, he took time to explain it to anyone who asked about it. He added that it was allowed in the airport as long as it is not used to record computer screens there or interfere with the airport’s security operations. Luckily, it did not raise any alarms there.

In one instance, a lady asked him about the product he was using. Again, he explained to her that it is capable of taking photos, videos, get directions, check emails and others. The response he got was, “Get out!” Whether that was said in an angry or humorous way was not explained though.

Before the Google Glass testing even began, it has been gaining heat from activists and even politicians due to its potential to generate issues about privacy. Some developers confirmed that it is indeed one of the downsides of the device which needs to be addressed.

Other Google Glass Features

You may also want to check out the other benefits and flaws of the device in this recent video of The Washington Post:

Source: Engadget

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