Google Glass Team Panorama

Panoramic easter egg image in Google Glass

One of the Google Glass Explorer Edition users has been successful in finding out the first easter egg hidden in the wearable device. The easter egg in this case is a panoramic image of the team which is responsible for building the Google Glass. There is a specific pattern of actions you need to perform on your Google Glass to be able to pop the image up.

Jay Lee, the Google Glass owner who has come up with the first easter egg, has published on his Google+ profile the steps to unlock the egg. According to his post, you will “need to head into Settings > Device Info > View Licenses. After the license file opens, begin tapping the touchpad nine times in a row.” You will hear a beep for every tap you do on the device, and the beep starts getting louder on every tap. This is how you come to know that something is going on in the background.

When you reach the ninth tap, you will be presented with the panoramic image of the Google Glass team. Google software engineer Mike LeBeau, who has hidden the easter egg in the Google Glass, says, “I always put an easter egg into whatever I’m building – but that was fast! I’m shocked that our Explorers found it this quickly!” You can try this out on your Google Glass now. And keep an eye open for the second easter egg, if any.

Source: Slash Gear

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