Google Glass source code is now available for download

Google Glass Girl

If you are a Google Glass developer and also one of the lucky few people to have their hands on a Google Glass Explorer edition, then you would be interested to know that the source code for the kernel of the wearable display is available for download, though not yet official.

Karthik’s Geek Center reports that it has found the source code for the kernel of the unit lying around in a temporary location on Google Code. This source code is expected to be moved to a permanent location sometime soon. The same source also mentions that there are headers for NFC already ready in the source code. But there is no confirmation if these are for the Google Glass unit only.

On digging into the Kernel, looks like it has got all the headers required for NFC support. May be Glass is NFC enabled? Or may be, since its running Android source, it has the NFC drivers by default?

There have been no references to having NFC supported on the Google Glass. The official specs sheet also does not mention anything about NFC support. As noted in the source, this might have just been moved from the Android source as it is and will probably be removed when the code goes public.

Also, Eric Schmidt has been reported as saying that the Google Glass will go on public sale only in a year’s time. I know that a lot of people are waiting for the release, but we have nothing to do about it other than just wait.

Source: Android Authority

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