Google Glass said to be a limited platform for developers

Google Glass working flow chart

The search engine giant has finally released the developer guides and other important and required documents for Google Glass developers. And after you have read them, you would not be as excited as you were before, or as happy. This is because the functionality or the openness of the Google Glass hardware for developers in limited, way too limited at this time. But it may change once the testing of the product is done and it becomes available as a commercial product to the general public.

So, what are the limitations? There are many, but I am going to list just a few important once. To begin with, you cannot write apps which will run locally on the Google Glass. You need to write an app which is hosted on a web server and the Google Glass will go and fetch it. So yes, only web apps are allowed on the Google Glass for now. And this means you will have to get your hands dirty with HTML and CSS pretty soon.

And if you are thinking you can still create very engaging and visually attractive web apps, Google suggests and also expects that you do not use your own custom CSS styles, and just stick to the templates which Google provides. But this is not mandatory. Google is trying to keep the look and feel of Google Glass apps very uniform. The limitation to web apps also means that you cannot really write powerful augmented reality apps which you would find on many smart phones today.

Another very important restriction is that you will not be able to make money out of your apps for Google Glass, in any traditional ways. And these include displaying ads inside your app, or selling your app, both of which are not yet allowed by Google on the Google Glass. But as the number of users increases, I am sure that Google will come around.

Source: Tech Crunch

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