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Google Glass Rooting Performed Successfully


Just a few days after the Google Glass was made available to developers, Forbes reported that the hackers immediately gained a way to get full control of its Android operating system in a process commonly known as “rooting”. The successful Google Glass rooting was announced on Twitter last Friday by Jay “Saurik” Freeman, who is a well-known iOS and Android specialist.

The Process

Saurik said that it only took him a few hours to do the Google Glass rooting. He said that the process was similar to the methods used in normal Android smartphones and tablets, so everything was quite easy for him. However,the developer pointed out that he is not sure yet how Google Glass rooting will exactly benefit users because he was not able to utilize the device which was given to him due to his own prescription glasses.

But Saurik speculates that the capability of a rooted Google Glass will be similar to the usual hacked Android gadgets. Users will be able to store data on the internal memory of the device or through others connected via Bluetooth, he explained.

Consumer Version May Differ

Saurik said that it should be noted though that the restrictions of the version that would be made available to consumers may differ from the ones that were handed out to developers just recently. But with the number of dedicated jailbreakers out there, it might not be long until the rooting process gets around on the Internet after the release of the Google Glass in the market.

Source: Forbes

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