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Google glass explorer edition finally starts shipping


A few days back we had reported that Google glass explorer editions will start shipping from May. Google had confirmed the rumors that the company had almost completed making their first batch of Google Glass devices and once everything was done, they would start shipping them to the people who had paid $1500 to the company in the last year’s Google I/O.

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Now, according to android community, they have received an official mail from the company that the glasses started shipping yesterday and the developers would soon receive their much awaited glasses. The good news here is that developers will start receiving their glasses within the next few days and they can have a hands on with the device and experiment with it before the start of Google I/O. The bad news is that only a few of the glasses have finished production. This means that it could take some while for others who are waiting for their glasses and you will only get it somewhere around May. But still it would be much earlier than the time frame given by the rumors and hence we think people who have waited for a year long can wait for a few more weeks to try on their glasses.

The mail sent to the developers stated that the glass hardware and software is final and is ready for developers. Ofcourse, the software would be tweaked further before they actually make it commercial available, however, the current software version is good enough for developers to start working. It is very important for the company to make these handsets available to developers before the commercial release as we can see a number of applications being developed from these glasses in the future. Glasses being a new device in the market, Google would like to have it applied to each and every field reaping the maximum benefits from this new technology. Developers would play a key role in this process and that’s why it’s important that they get the glasses first.

All the developers are expected to get the handsets by May, followed by the 8000 other contest winners who got lucky and were given a chance to purchase the glasses for $1500. Only when these 8000 people receive their glasses, we can expect a commercial availability of the product.

As mentioned earlier, Google has started mailing their developers about the shipping details of the product and hence if you happen to be one of those who had paid $1500 last year, then you are sure to get them by the end of this month or atleast by next month. You can even show off your new applications in the Google I/O next month, if you manage to create one before it. Hence we may see many enthusiastic glass explorers showing off their glasses at the next Google I/O.

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