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Google Glass Chips Similar To Ones Found In 2011 Smartphone Discovered


Early April, some of the specs of Google Glass were released by its developers. For a pair of glasses, the device amazingly had 16GB of flash memory, a high-res display, a 5MP camera, 802.11g and Bluetooth, plus an energy-efficient battery that could power the gadget for a full day. No word was spoken by Google though about the Google Glass chips for the memory and processor. But thanks to the efforts of Jay Lee, one of the developers of the product, the Google Glass chips powering up the processor and memory of the gadget came into light.

The Additional Features

According to Lee, some of the Google Glass chips are similar to the ones found in a 2011 smartphone. The operating system is Android 4.0.4, which can be modified easily by using the developer kits for the usual Android smartphones and tablets. We have also revealed in one of our articles today that Google Glass rooting employs the same method similar to gaining administrative controls over smartphones and tablets.

Among the other things that the developer dug out were a dual-core OMAP 4430 SoC from Texas Instruments. However, he is not sure yet how fast it runs. Then, it includes a 632MB RAM. But Lee said that the total amount could go up to 1GB with around 682MB of it allotted for developers.

The smartphone that is very similar to the Google Glass specs which were revealed is the Samsung Galaxy S II, according to our source. The obvious similarities between the two devices lie in their SoC and RAM .

Source: ArsTechnica

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