Google Glass already on eBay

Google Glass on eBay

If you are not one lucky $ifihadglass contest winners or if you did not pre order your Google Glass at last year’s Google I/O event because you are not a developer, but if you still want to have one, you will have to just wait for the public release of the device. There is one more way out, if you have enough money to throw around that is. The awesome wearable gadget from the search engine giant has already reached eBay.

There is no idea when the company is going to release the wearable gadget to the public, but one of the winners of the #ifihadglass contest is selling off the Google Glass on eBay, but the price of the gadget is just too high. As you can see from the screenshot above, the Google Glass is listed as $90,000 USD, which is just insane. There is only one unit of the device available online.

There is no need to doubt the reseller of the device, because the reseller has been a member of eBay since 2004, and also, the person has 100% positive feedback. So I think there is no need to doubt the person. But since this involves a very controversial product, one may be a bit cautious about this.

For developers who have pre ordered the Google Glass at the Google I/O event last year, the search engine giant has laid out the rules that they cannot resell the device, or lend it to somebody else, or even gift it. And there is a good possibility that this will be true for the winners of the #ifihadglass contest as well. If so, you can expect the search engine giant to jump into the bidding very soon and take it down. We will just have to see what happens.

Source: TUAW

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