Google Fiber coming to Provo, Utah before 2014

Google Utah Provo


Following the news Google Fiber will be coming to Austin, Texas in mid-2014, Google has bagged their third state, and this one may be even quicker to add the fiber architecture. Provo, Utah announced today the deal between Google and the city, however Provo City Council will still have to decide if they want the gigabyte-broadband on April 23.

Google Fiber is quickly moving from a project to make ISP’s in the US start compete on speed, not price, to a fully fledged business. Google is still setting out the rules for expansion with Fiber though, instead of just hopping into a state andĀ modernisingĀ it all with fiber cables.

At almost $5,000 an installation for Google, we can see why they will stick with the formula of the most popular areas first. In Kansas City, the state gave them free reign over the land, allowing installation to be a little less expensive for the company.

iProvo has been acquired by Google following news of the expansion and Mountain View will work on enhancing the fiber speeds to meet 1 gigabyte per second. Google may be able to bring the whole Fiber expansion to Provo before Austin gets it, because of this fiber network already set up in the city.

We have yet to find out the ‘Fiberhoods’ which will be chosen first in Google’s expansion plan, although we suspect the community system will be up soon to vote for your neighbourhood, if you like in Provo. Both Google and Provo seem happy about this and believe the city will be one of the first fully geared up with gigabyte internet.